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Welcome to - the worlds easiest online calculator for drive shafts, parallel keys, etc.! All calculations are performed according german standard DIN, operation is intuitive. It's worth a try!

Up to now many standards have been realized. A shaft stress analysis is performed according standard DIN 743 while the load capacity of parallel keys is calculated according standard DIN 6892. The standard DIN ISO 21771 covers the geometry of gear wheels, the standard DIN 867 the reference profile of the gear mesh and the standards DIN 3961, DIN 3964 and DIN 3967 tolerances of the gear mesh.

Standard DIN 743 is the industrial standard for calculation and proof of load capacity of shafts and axles. It is a tool for engineneers that covers almost all applications. Thus many influences are considered. Size of mechanical component, heat treatment and machining have a great impact on strength of the material. Further the influence of increased stress at notches and the influence of load combinations on the allowable stresses is considered.

Standard DIN 6892, DIN 6885 as well as ISO 14 are used for positive-locking shaft hub connections. Dimensions and shapes of parallel keys are described in DIN 6885, the proof of load capacity in DIN 6892. ISO 14 specifies the dimensions of straight-sided splines.

Standard DIN 7190 deals with the non-positive shaft-hub connection intereference fit. Other non-positive shaft-hub connections as shrink disk and clamping set are not standardized, but have been included as calculation tools according to the manufacturer's data.

Standard DIN ISO 21771 describes the geometry of gear meshes and is the superstructure to the standards DIN 867 (profile), DIN 780-1 (module), as well as the standards DIN 3961, DIN 3964 and DIN 3967 (tolerances).

Mechanical properties and strengths are determined in DIN EN 1561 (cast iron with lamellar graphite, gray cast iron), DIN EN 1563 (cast iron with spheroidal graphite), DIN EN 10025 (structural steels), DIN EN 10083 (steels for quenching and tempering) and DIN EN 10277 (bright steels). Just select the steel, the database of the online calculator will provide yield strength, tensile strength, elongation at rupture and Charpy impact energy!

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